Life Sciences & Healthcare

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Focus Applications

We cover an extensive range of focus areas that cater to analytical and life sciences laboratories in the region.

Molecular Biology

Research laboratories worldwide use various aspects of molecular biology to understand living beings and develop treatments.

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Genomics research is the key to meeting several global healthcare challenges.

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Research in Proteomics is the next logical step after Genomics.

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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry plays a key role in cell identification and separation.

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Cell Culture & Bioprocessing

Cell Culture and Bioprocessing are major tools used in cellular and molecular biology.

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Stem Cell Research

Cell-based therapy has become increasingly popular because of its potential to regenerate and repair damaged tissues.

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Samples Services & Bioinformatics Support

NGS services for sample types from targeted to whole genome sequencing.

Clinical services - NIPT, PGS, PGD and cancer panels.

Clinical Diagnostics

We offer CE-IVD kits for bacterial, viral pathogen testing on RT-PCR and array and chip based technologies.

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