Flowline Instruments offers superior solutions, products and services within a dynamic and market-driven environment. We have six business divisions that are headed by highly experienced industry experts. Our expertise lies in bringing technology and process expertise together to deliver one-stop solutions to our clients.

Our Business Divisions

Pipe, Pipe Fittings & Valves

To meet your application-specific requirements for Pipes, Pipe fittings & Valves, we assist you with everything from product selection to on-site project execution.

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Life Science and Healthcare

We are delivering cutting-edge technology, professional expertise and efficient services to analytical and life science laboratories

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Hygiene and Cleaning Equipment

We Provide comprehensive cost effective solutions for each industry, encompassing hygiene & cleaning.

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Material Handling Equipment & Tools

Distributor of material handling equipment & tools include design & planning & installation services.

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Motor & Pumps

We offer a variety of services & solutions developed to help our customers get the most out of their pump & motor investment.

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Process Control & Automation

We provide solutions for from the most basic heating bath to a complex process control and automation system complete with smart instruments connected directly from plant floor to business planning applications.

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